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Why You Need Braces and the Unexpected Benefits, You'll Receive

Oct 24

Do you grin with your mouth closed? Do you chuckle while putting your hand over your mouth? Even though many people have crooked teeth, you should see a dentist in Rock Hill, South Carolina, if they make you uncomfortable or ashamed.


Your smile will look better thanks to braces, which will also straighten your teeth and fix any bite issues. The main benefit of dental braces is that they produce lasting benefits. As a typical patient, you likely think about straight teeth while considering braces. Although one of the main reasons orthodontists and dentists advise braces is to straighten teeth, it is not the only one.


Getting braces has a lot more benefits than just aesthetics. Yes, wearing orthodontic braces can give you a beautiful smile, but let's look closely at several other ways they can enhance your overall health.


Here are some potential causes for why you could require dental braces:




Do your bottom teeth sometimes touch the roof of your mouth, or do they disappear entirely when you bite? There's a chance you have a severe overbite. Pronounced overbites might harm your gums and front teeth if they are not treated.


Regardless of age, a dentist in Rock Hill, South Carolina, can makeover your smile by treating your overbite. However, it's crucial to remember that addressing overbites in children is simpler because their jaws haven't fully matured, making it simpler to progress them through orthodontic treatment.

Wide Bite


You are smiling while looking in the mirror. Do you see a space between your upper and lower teeth? This suggests that you might have an open bite. Patients with available bites typically struggle to eat or communicate effectively. They might also engage in degrading behaviors like tongue-pushing.



Do your bottom teeth cross over your upper front teeth when you smile? In that case, our orthodontists can treat any underbites you may have. When eating or speaking, underbites are especially harmful as they raise the possibility of mouth injury.




The desire to look better is among the most common causes of orthodontic treatment. In addition, you can have a crowding issue, which causes your teeth to overlap if it seems like your mouth is too small for all of your teeth. It can substantially improve crowded teeth by having them straightened out.


Correcting your crowded teeth will help you avoid cavities and avoid them. Where toothbrush bristles can't reach, plaque likes to hide. However, plaque won't be as easy to hide once your teeth are straightened.



Do you have noticeable gaps in your smile due to your teeth' irregular spacing? This could be brought on by teeth that are small compared to the rest of your mouth or even by missing teeth.


The considerable gaps in your smile might only be an aesthetic issue. However, it can help you keep your oral health in good shape. Food fragments can become stuck between your teeth, build up on your gums, and cause cavities, bad breath, and other dental issues.

The Advantages:

Braces can be used to prevent bone erosion.


Bone loss is commonly a result of misaligned teeth. This occurs when bacteria start to break down the bones. Braces provide pressure on the nerves and connective structures, which helps the periodontal ligaments move. Once the bones have been accustomed to their new location, they regenerate independently.

Efficacy of Speech Rehabilitation


Did you know that our teeth' asymmetry impacts how we pronounce words? Your teeth play a crucial role in word pronunciation. As a result, having crooked teeth could harm the way you speak. By shifting the alignment of your teeth, braces can help you communicate more clearly. A realigned jaw or set of teeth also offers your tongue more room to move around, which lessens slurring.

Braces Aid in Digestive Health


The role that your teeth play in digestion is essential. Before entering the stomach, food must first be partially digested by the teeth. Cheating food into little pieces could be problematic if your teeth are not positioned correctly. Food digestion consequently takes longer in the stomach. When you chew your food properly while wearing braces, it will more quickly and completely digest it and will more easily and entirely digest it.

As you can see, receiving orthodontic care from Rock Hill, South Carolina, the dentist can help with various oral health issues while possibly saving you time and money in the long term. First, examine the benefits stated above if you're unsure if braces are right for you, and then get in touch with River District Smiles for a free consultation. Please contact us straight away!